Hey Ya!


The first step´s always the hardest they say…
I´ve been thinking about making a blog for weeks, but writing the introduction  is probably the most difficult thing of my  life. Not that my life is THAT dull, no. But I guess every blog comes with a hello, so there you have it: I hate you all.

My name is Bryan, I´m 17 years old, I live in the Netherlands and I like movies and series. And by like I mean am obsessed with. If I could marry something it´d be my Laptop/TV… That´s why I wanted to dedicate a blog to movies and series, and share them with you.
Safety warning , people tend to say I´m weird, but that´s only because I speak faster than my thoughts are going, so I sometimes just blurt out stuff.

If you´re still reading this part, congratulations!
I hope you will continue to stick around and enjoy of what I´ll write in the future, even though I have the writing skills of a drunk cat.


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