Want Breaking Bad to continue? Better call Saul!



Yes, I´m talking to you, breaking bad fans! –Oh! And to those of you who didn´t watch Breaking Bad, stop reading this right now, stop with whatever you´re doing and download the series like you´re a possessed madman

Breaking Bad is one of my absolute favorite series, and like most felt like a mixture of happy and fulfilled, because it was one of the best endings I’ve seen, but on the other hand, truly sad, because I couldn’t spend more time dying of excitement for the next episode..

But now there’s hope, Vince Gilligan had announced a prequel/sequel (or sprequel) for Breaking Bad: Better Call Saul!
This series will feature the dubious life of this weird attorney, Saul Goodman.
And now even more exciting news, yesterday, the actor who played Mike Ehrmantraut, also signed the contract of joining in Better Call Saul!’
(You may fangirl/boy now, but please don’t get a heart attack)

It is said that the series will launch in November of this year. (Keeps me wondering though, why are all the damn good movies/series released in the winter!?!? Why let us wait that long? *cries* No but seriously,What kind of evil mind is in that direction board?)

So anyway, there IS hope! The premiere is just a mere 300 days or so away.
On a scale of 10 to 10, how excited are you for this?


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