Why I hate George R.R Martin. (Red Wedding Rant)



*This post may contain spoilers if you did not watch until end season 3 of Game of Thrones*

I’m so angry right now at him. It’s beyond words. I’ve been furious  at him for a long, long time and I still am. Everytime I remember it again the rage comes again.
All I want now is to walk to him, stab him in the chest and say: ‘the Stark fans send their regards

But like seriously. What the  hell is wrong with him? Okay so I was almost completely over the fact Ned Stark got killed in season 1. Almost. Then there’s a wedding. Everyone was happy and dancing, all good. Then it happened: that damn dreaded song.

No it is totally okay to let the character I loved most, The king in the North die. I had hope. I had fucking hope for Robb to win that war. Oh and sure, his mother too, because she was awesome too. Nobody likes the cool  characters. Let them die cruelly.


My face when: the red wedding

All hope is lost now, what do we have left except those smug, evil Lannisters? Stannis? Yeah right he’s going to win the war….. The only character I love left is Daenerys, and its going to be a long fucking while until she will rule the iron throne. I even bet George’ll let her die too, devil that he is. But anyway, lets hope the best for season 4, right?

What are you most exciting for in season 4 of GoT?
Is there something you hate more of season 3?


5 thoughts on “Why I hate George R.R Martin. (Red Wedding Rant)

  1. This was more my experience from the book, which was well reproduced on the show, but I freaked out when Jaime’s captors cut off his hand. I couldn’t read the book for a week because I was so angry at myself for caring about the Kingslayer. It happened all unexpectedly.

    • Yes, indeed! Is there stuff that you miss when you don’t read the book?
      Ah, actually my opinion about the Kingslayer changed ever since he saved Brianne. I think he’s somewhat sympathetic now. I do and don’t feel sorry for him.

      • The book often has more detail, but not always.

        In Jaime’s case, in the books he and Brienne were captured by incredibly horrible people, a mercenary group much worse than Roose Bolton’s hunters. I wanted justice to be done to Jaime for pushing Bran off the tower, but not by thugs and murderers.

        And when they chopped off his hand I was so angry, and that made me angry that without realizing it, I was on Jaime’s side.

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