Why you should go to the Shire right now.


Depressed? Unmotivated? Lonely? Having the feeling that everyone in this world is either retarded, annoying as fuck , or an asshole?
Well, I have the perfect solution for you! You should go to The Shire, New Zealand.

Now  that it’s February and you’re getting depressed about not getting enough sun, not achieving your New Years Resolutions and all that stuff, it may be time for a little travel.

That was when I stumbled on this little paradise,

This. Is. Heaven/

This. Is. Heaven.

and Oh my God, would I love to go there right now. I’ve always been a massive fan of the Hobbit and the The Lord of the Rings series, so if you are too this would be absolutely perfect!
(I mean, you can’t be called a fan if you wouldn’t want to live like Bilbo in a Hobbit Hole, smoking your pipe,  and expierencing Middle Earth.) 

Plus, it’s a great getaway for if you, like me,  are not hateful, but just have those moments when you hate everyone.
Maybe you’ll even meet Peter Jackson and you could force him to schedule that damn 3rd part of the Hobbit to next month…

Would anyone please go here with me?




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