Margaery Tyrell…..Err, Natalie Dormer in the Hunger Games. –Why watching films and series suck.


Why is Katniss showing off her nails to Edith? Oh……nevermind I said anything.

I suffer from a sickness. So this may not be an uncommon sickness, but once you have it you never, ever (even if you want to) be fully cured of it. This particular sickness is what I call intercinematic confusion.

Main cause: Being too involved in movies and series.
Symptoms: Confusing actors with other movies, NOT BEING ABLE TO UNSEE THEIR DAMN ORIGINAL ROLE
(Like saying Daniel Radcliff is Harry Potter in ‘The Woman in Black’)

So intercinematic confusion is one heck of a thing to deal with.

For instance, last night I watched American Hustle.(Great movie by the way). All happy and well, but then all of a sudden I recognize one of the actors (Jeniffer Lawrence) in the movie. And then I kept thinking: Why is Katniss being involved with a man that is doing illegal businesses? And I know, it wasn’t Katniss, it was Jennifer, but you just can’t  unsee them from where you know them of in the first place. Some actors are meant to play in only one movie. And they are and always will be known as thát character. (Nobody other than Robert Downey Jr. will be Iron man, you know?)

So, if you are a smart person, please don’t watch movies. You can and will end up going mad at confusing things with each other.

Am I the only person who has this?

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