5 Signs YOU are actually Smaug


If you have seen ‘The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug’  , most likely you thought it was an awesome movie.(and a big thumbs-up to you, you’re awesome!) But one thing that 99 out of 100 people found incredibly frustrating was the end.

Spoiler(?), well this shouldn’t be a spoiler because you should’ve seen the movie:
At the end of the movie, you see Smaug fly towards Esgaroth and you hate Smaug because you know he’s planning to destroy it. HOWEVER, today I came to the conclusion that you are actually Smaug. Here’s 4 reasons why

1. Only ‘certain’ things can wake you up


2. You love money more than anything else.


I mean, who need friend, right? RIGHT?!

3. You hate everyone.


they are in every way inferior to you,

4. Bad. Morning. Breath.



5. You are immune to flirting. That’s probably why you’re single.


Or you become suspicious when somebody compliments you.

So next time you rage over the “I am fire. I am death” scene,  see it more as a self reflection. You actually have a lot in common with this guy.


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