Remembering my former opium, The Guild


Yesterday started just as an average day, boring even. But is was a very special one, nonetheless.

Do you know those  moments when you are so bored that you start wasting your time watching countless of YouTube videos? Well, that happened yesterday.
Even worse, I was even watching old videos that I’ve seen a few years before.

But then I discovered my favorite series (Back when I was a fool and hadn’t discovered real series). I used to watch it over and over, I was quite addicted to the series.

But  today it’s still one of my favorite amateur-series, and it’s called: The Guild


All that nostalgia

The Guild is a comedy web amateurseries that can be watched on YouTube.

“The show revolves around the lives of a gamers’ online guild, The Knights of Good, who play countless hours of a fantasy MMORPG video game entitled The Game. The story focuses on Codex, the guild’s Priestess, who attempts to lead a normal life after one of her guild-mates, Warlock Zaboo , shows up on her doorstep.”

This series is definitely a recommendation if you haven’t watched it yet.  I saw the first 2 seasons last night and every episode somehow manages to make me laugh again and again.

The series was made in 2007, so it can be quite low quality, in the way of the special effects, but its still an amazing series, really! It’s a perfect combination of geeky and funny.

So, what are you still doing here?
Go to YouTube and watch it. Now!
Its awesome. Yep.

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