I am _ _ _ _ locked



I am writing this blog half asleep, but I got to let this out. (Yes, I’ve been watching Sherlock like a maniac since yesterday!


I am S H E R locked. And I don’t know what it is. This series is what I’m completely obsessed over. Maybe also because the lack of Game of Thrones.

But Sherlock is a pefectly fine series to start, it has only 3 seasons, and each season consists of 3 episodes, 1.5 hours long each (It’s not that long, you will be amused the whole episode) It has just the perfect combination of crime solving, action, and English humor. Maybe also because I sympathize Sherlock. I mean, he’s  an absolute asocial, arrogant, cold asshole (just like me, ha.), but he also has that brilliance in him, that makes him so awesome. Plus, the series is filmed in London. +1.

The Game is ON!


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